Graylog and XigmaNAS

I have a problem with XigmaNAS logs on graylog.

My log files are like:
<29>Mar 8 17:41:17 1 2022-03-08T17:41:17.010085+01:00 hostname (…)

It should be to work with graylog correct like:
<78>1 2022-03-08T17:47:01.816631+01:00 hostname (…)

Is there a way to connect this two systems correct?
I wrote about this on xigmanas forum and get info:
“XigmaNAS is using clog because syslog doesn’t have circular logging. Clog is using its own format, therefore you need to check each message for RFC5424 compliant data.”

Did someone configure XigmaNAS with graylog and would like to help me? :slight_smile:
I have “1” as “source” in graylog becouse of that log type.

Hello &7 Welcome @Roleta

To help you further we would need more information on how you are ingesting XigmaNAS logs.
What you posted could be multiple reasons why your have that issue.

For better clarity please look here.


Newer set of RFCs for syslog called the IETF Syslog Protocol (RFCs 5424-5426) that defined a syslog standard meant to obsolete RFC 3164.

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