Graylog and Elastisearch plugin issue

Hi Guys

I setup a fresh new server with Graylog v5.1.4, Mongodb v6.0.9 and Opensearch 2.5 (no Elasticsearch installed). Now when I start all services, Graylog will not start and in the logs gives me this message:

2023-08-23T19:28:04.112Z INFO [CmdLineTool] Loaded plugin: Elasticsearch 7 Support 5.1.4+6fa2de3 []

The only way I make it work is by adding this line in the opensearch.yml config file: true

Is there a raison why Graylogs sees it a plugin that is none existent and not mentionned in the server.conf file? Is there a way fix it? I saw somewhere saying to change the following line to 127.0.01 but still not working,

Thanks in advance

Greetings! I believe you got this working and is related to Graylog 5.1 still sees Elastisearch conf ?

I answered your question in that thread. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Hi Drew, I thanks. I though my request did not go through so I open another one. Sorry for we can close this