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i have configured alert for a particular stream, i can see messages routed to the stream but it is not triggering any alerts… i had setup alert triggering conditions…still no luck.

can someone help me please.

(Jesse Hills) #2

Check this thread, there may be some useful information:

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thanks, but doesn’t help in my case, as there is nothing wrong in smtp server.
for other streams it is triggering alerts, but only for the particular stream,it is not able to send emails.
below is the rules.

message alert condition:

below is the log:

can someone suggest on this

(Jan Doberstein) #4

how is your processing oder in System > configuration page? It might be that the AWS plugin add the information after the message filter chain where the processing for streams is done.

(megha) #5

this is a HA setup with 3 nodes
below is the config file.
however it trigger alerts for only one stream
there is a timezone mismatch from graylog and the cloud trail logs. will that be a problem
i am using amazon’s elastcsearch cluster.
are you asking about graylog server conf file, ?

i do have one more plugin which sends alerts to service now, which works for only one stream.

can you please help!!