Graylog 3 cluster

Hello friends!
We have 1 Graylog server that stores and processes 70+ Elasticsearch indexes.
We want to add an empty graylog server to the cluster to the existing server. Can this be done without losing existing indexes?
What settings should Elasticsearch have regarding roles? Server1: node.master: true,; Server 2: node.master: false, false.
Graylog 3.3.

Mongo replication done.

Hello have you seen these ?
Multi-node Setup — Graylog 2.1.0 documentation.
Growing From Single Server to Graylog Cluster | Graylog
Deploy a Replica Set — MongoDB Manual
Node | Elasticsearch Guide [2.3] | Elastic
Setting Up a Second Graylog2 Server Node | Siaw Young

I havent connected a Graylog Server to exsisting one. BUT I have sent Logs from one Graylog server to another Graylog server that were located in two different environments using a VPN. I had to configure an OUTPUT on a stream. Maybe someone here has done this already.
Hope that helps

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Thanks! According to the documentation, we managed to connect the second Graylog node. However, the question remained how to make an exact copy of the indexes on the second server be written. I will create a separate topic with a detailed description of the issue.

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