Graylog 3.1 Appliance, High CPU 100%

from few days our Graylog Appliance (in the morning) runs with 100% CPU (4vCPU) for some hours then returns in normal state. There aren’t log rotation operations (this happend every 7d, in the weekend) and there aren’t a lot of INCOMING logs (no more then 200 msg/s). Currently there are 7 index with 3 shards. RAM 12 GB. Buffer is full (100%, 65536 msg), Journaling is growing (current is 2%). How I can check wich operation is “blocking” the node?

Which buffer? Graylog has 3 buffers, and it can tell, what part has a problem.

Process buffer is 100%, Utilization Journal is growing (slowly)

Do you use Grok Patterns? Maybe it is a runaway grok pattern. In Graylog nodes stop outputting/fill up buffers you might find a solution.

image I don’t have the entry for Get Process-buffer Dump.

I have resolved stopping few minutes the UDP 514 INPUT, then after the restart all seem to be processed well… question: How I can find which message bloccked the processing?

with the given version no way - that is the reason later versions have the ability to make a processing buffer dump where you see the worker threads and messages they are working on.

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