Graylog 3.0.2 https

Here is what I have tried numerous times already. I really don’t want to admit the amount of time I’ve spent on this.
combined with
Which seems like the right combination to get the cert, and add it the java trust store, but maybe it’s not what you are supposed to do?
I used the resultant cert.pem and pkcs8-encrypted.pem as the certificates in my server.conf.
Result: didn’t work

I tried the steps in Graylog3 with https (easy tutorial)
But I had to modifiy a couple things at the end which seemed to overwrite some steps that were previously done. There is a confusing array of .jks files in the final steps with 3 different jks files. I imagine they were typos referencing actually just 1 jks file?

Greg, I noticed your helpful response you have 2 different jks files, did you end up with 2, or was that just a typo? Also, I thought the jks default password was changeit and if you changed it from that you have to add another java opt to set the password?

I might have to end up going with the nginx solution here:

if this doesn’t work, but I’m really trying to use the graylog built https method.