Gray Log Json API URL monitoring


Is it possible to monitor JSON API External URL?. For example: I need to Monitor SendGrid with their JSON API, notification when any failure is detected


If it possible can I get the steps.

You can use the “JSON path from HTTP API” input and slurp JSON from an external URL.

Thank you Michael.

Can you please let me know the steps from were I can add these?


You can add a new input by selecting “System” -> “Inputs” in the Web UI, select the JSON path input from the select menu on the left and click “Add new input”. In the following dialog you have to enter the details like the URI and JSON path.

If you are not familiar with JSON path, you can test and debug your query here:

Hi Michael,

Thank you :slight_smile:
I have added the new JSON URL as input.
Is there any option to get an alert if default value got changed?.

For example: description":“All Systems Operational”

if description value changes, I should get alerts.

Any help Michael

you could make a “if not value” condition for that

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