Graphing uptime?

For HTTP request logs I have the HTTP status and I’d love to create a graph that represents the sum of successful requests over the total requests to give an uptime percentage. I can certainly create a bar graph that gives me counts for each status, but I’d love to output a % (either as a graph visualization, or even as a single number). It’s unclear to me how I might create an aggregation that does this math. Is it possible?

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I’m assuming your looking for something like this?

By using the aggregation widget, you can configure it like this.

Just a side note this is Graylog 4.0+, ES 7.10, and MongoDb 4.4.
Dont know if you have seen this.
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I havent tried that type of configuration out, and I’m not sure Graylog can do those types of calulation on widget. I do know Zabbix can.

Ah, this makes sense! Since I probably can’t do the math in the aggregation to sum the 2XX, 3XX, 4XX requests I could do that in the pipeline and create a field which is “good/bad” on each request log and then get a % of good requests value out of this visualization that could be used as an uptime measurement.

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Maybe this might help

You might be able to use some of these function here. Just an idea

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