Real Time System Resource Status Check Graph Generation Question

I want to create a firewall system resource status dashboard.
I used chart generation. I tried using the full value field of the Customiz item, but the HDD usage graph does not display correctly. The current HDD usage is 40 (%) but the graph does not display as much as 40 (%). What should I do?

Looks like it’s taking the average over that minute. in the screenshot you have 4 entries for HDD in the 2:15 timeslot. 40+2+46+40 = 128… 128/4 = 32 the histogram doesn’t get more granular than a minute, so it can’t display the 40. but that’s a guess from across the interwebs.

So how do you set up the graph to check real-time HDD and CPU utilization? Is there a way?

that is nothing that can be done with that histogram bar chart.

You would need to take the Graylog views to get that done.

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