Graph that shows count of a non-numeric field

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I would like to follow-up with @mattmatics post from a long while ago.

To summarize the story up to now:

  1. @mattmatics and myself are making graphs, our goal is to graph the total count of a specific event happening.
  2. To do this, we’re graphing “Total” on the “Source” field, a non-numeric field.
  3. This works, as @jochen demonstrated in that thread.
  4. However, every time this graph is drawn, ElasticSearch throws Java errors, because: “Expected numeric type on field [source], but got [text]
  5. This generates lots of extraneous logging that only serves to pollute the logs. Thousands of lines every hour if the Dashboard is left open.

Now, as @jan pointed out in the linked thread: “the statistics - or part of that can not be run on any kind of field - in this case the field is text and not numeric.

So… On the one hand it works just fine (Matt and I get the graph we want, showing the total count of our query), but on the other hand Elastic throws up errors every time.

Am I being daft and am I simply missing The Right And Proper Way To Do This™?

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Right, disregard this whole kerfuffle @jan; I’m an idiot :smiley:

Instead of making a graph based on “Source” I should just tweak the stock “Histogram” to my liking and put that on the Dashboard. :woman_facepalming:

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