Geolocation just stopped

Hello GL friends,

I have the newest GL running (version 2.2.3+7adc951, codename Stiegl)…and everything is great. Geolocation was working well…then just stopped working over the weekend. Everything else, streams, dashboards, etc…all good…but geolocation just quit.

Any ideas where to start looking?



Try checking the logs of your Graylog nodes for hints:

Similar thing happened to myself. Was working solid then no geolocation. Had another thread on it a couple weeks ago. Still haven’t found the solution…

Well…the logs said that my DB file was missing. By default, i had put it in the /tmp/GeoLite2-City.mndb

For some reason, after the reboot of the GL box, it was gone.

Found this in the /var/log/graylog/server/current log

I put it back and did graylog-ctl restart and all is good

Now to see why it got deleted in the first place…and maybe move it to a more stable area


On most Linux distributions, /tmp is being cleared on reboot, either explicitly or implicitly by being a memory-backed volume (e. g. tmpfs).

If you want the files to persist, choose another location on disk, e. g. /var/lib/geoip/ or /var/lib/graylog.

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