GeoIP does not seem to work on V3.3


I’m pulling in logs from an OPNSense FW. Two of the ingested fields are src_ip and dst_ip. As the GeoIP pipline that came pre-installed didn’t seem to work, I removed them and started from scratch following to the letter and multiple times, the steps here:

I’ve got a fair amount of experience building and running ELK stacks so I may have come into this thinking it would be easier to get things like GeoIP running but I’m obviously missing something. The database is accessable and lives in /etc/graylog/server, everything else is set up exactly as the walkthough linked about tells me to.
Nothing is being shown in /var/log/graylog-server/server.log that would suggest any issues.

Can anyone point out the part that may have been missed out from the steps above?


Check also another great article:

And check your processing order:

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