Function to divide a number by X


I have a field in bytes format and I need to displayed it in a dashboard in megabytes format.

After reading in existing posts, the only available way seems to be the use of a pipeline, by making the conversion in a function and adding an new field.

But I did not notice any mathematical function to allow division, ideally integer divisionā€¦

I really want to avoid writing a plugin for a such basic stuff :frowning:

Do you know any existing add-on where can I find this kind of functions?

Any other solution for my problem is welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

This functionality has been implemented as arithmetic operators, e. g. / for division.

Thanks for your quick answer.

It will be nice if you could improve this part of the documentation:

Feels free to create a feature request (or even a pull request) in the documentation repository:

Just Done! Thanks again

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