Forward local IP to FQDN?

I would like to monitor HP-Printers in a distributed Environment over the Internet.

The problem is, the Printer Firmware only allow sending syslog to an IP adress in the same Network!
Exist there a easy solution to catch the UDP Packages and sending it to an external FQDN, with more or less passive Hardware?

Another alternative solution could be to recive alert mails from the printer in any way and collect them in Graylog, has anybody do that before. …have already searched in the internet before an found only solutions in opposite way (alert mails from Graylog)

Thx in advanced

Config you Gateway to forward the massages.
But it not a graylog releated task.

You can install logstash (for forwarding logs and also e-mail alerts - imap input plugin) and forward it to graylog.

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