Finding an extractor based on id


looking at node metrics I find some extractors taking a huge time (like 17seconds). The metrics interface does not give the extractor name, but ID. The “manage extractors” page does not give extractor ID:s.

What is the correct way to find out which extractor is the problem one, given the metrics base gives the ID?

I would connect to your MongoDB direct and query the database. The Interface does not give you the ability to search for the ID.

First select the Database you use for Graylog and then search the Inputs collection for the extractor ID

use graylog
db.inputs.find ({"" : "THE ID HERE YOU LIKE TO SEARCH"})

Hope that will help you

Thank you for the answer.

Meanwhile, I found another way - looking through the “Details” button on the manage extractors page. I seemed to find the problematic extractors that route, without knowing the ids.

thanks! This was very helpful (I stumbled on a similar thing again… ) (not about extractor running time but about date converter failures this time).