Filebeat modules on FreeBSD


I installed filebeat to my FreeBSD 11.3 jails to collect custom log files and be able to recieve more than the syslog in graylog. Sending just plain logfiles works great but filebeats offers some modules for daemons I use (apache, mysql, redis, syslog) but I don’t know how to get them working.

All I find is how to use “module.d” to config them but FreeBSD doesn’t seem to use “module.d”.
I found the same config files in “/usr/local/share/beats/filebeat/module/mysql/_meta/config.yml” but if I enable it there and point to the right logfile nothing happens.

Is that “_meta” folder just a template and I need to copy it somewhere or what am I supposed to do to configure and enalbe that modules?

And does someone know how to configure the “system” module? It asks for a syslog file but the syslog of FreeBSD creates several diffent logfiles and not a single one. Is that module able to work with “debug.log, devd.log,, …”?

Would be great if someone could help me.

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