Field statistics/chart on extracted number showing NAN?

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I created a regex extractor against a firewall syslog message similar to this string smtp-proxy[2155]: msg_id=“1BFF-000F” Allow rcvd_bytes=“7885” sent_bytes=“6333” and when I search for the msg_id, the expanded message shows smtp_rcvd_bytes: 7885.

The extractor includes the conversion to numeric at the bottom yet when I bring up the field statistics for smtp_rcvd_bytes I only get the count - all fields except for cardinality show NAN so I can’t graph this value either.

This is what the extractor shows:

Will only attempt to run if the message includes the string msg_id=“1BFF-000F”
regex_value: rcvd_bytes="([0-9]+)"

(Jochen) #2

Make sure that the message fields you want to analyze are numeric over the complete time range of the query.

You can create a custom index template to enforce a data type:

(Greg Merideth) #3

it was the timeframe, some of the results being returned didn’t have the extracted values.

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