FetchError when installing a Content Pack

I’ve recently made a Content Pack and wanted to install it on a different server. But when installing I encountered an error:

Installing content pack failed with status: FetchError: There was an error fetching a resource: Internal Server Error. Additional information: Node EntityV1{id=virtual-root-c80d04a3-a2ef-456f-bd75-631bbd33bf23-1,
type=ModelType{name=virtual-root, version=1}, version=1, data=null, constraints=[GraylogVersionConstraint{type=server-version, version=>=4.3.9+e2c6648}]} is not an element of this graph.. 
Could not install content pack with ID: c80d04a3-a2ef-456f-bd75-631bbd33bf23

I can deduce that it’s got to do something with the server version or the constraints of the version? The server on which I made the Content Pack is version 4.3.7 and the server on which the Content Pack fails to install is version 4.3.9 so there shouldn’t be any issues. The Content Pack consists of some streams, pipeline rules, log collector configurations and a few dashboards. I’ve checked and nothing in regard of these features has drastically changed from 4.3.7 to 4.3.9 that could cause it to fail.

One thing that stands out to me is that all the other Content Packs have graylog server-version constraints I think this is the issue here, my Content Pack does not have one and I guess that’s why it is failing? - I came to this conclusion after thoroughly reading the error message. However I cannot find out how I can add these constraints nor can I find it anywhere online.

Here’s my Content Pack:

And here’s any other Content Pack:

I really think that not having any version constraints might be the issue here, but I can’t figure out or find how to add those!

Hey @cesq

That is odd there is no Constraints listed. have you tried making a simple or different content packs on this server?

Okay so I just made a new one and that seems to have resolved this issue?
However while adding stuff to the Content Pack I was going back and forth to the preview tab to make sure that the version constraints where showing and I noticed that sometimes there actually were no version constraints visible, so then I would re-add something and it would be good again, so something to look out for while creating Content Packs I guess.

Thanks for the feed back and resolve :+1:

Sounds like this is reliably reproducible for you. Would be great if you could file an issue with the minimal set of steps to reproduce it. It sure sounds like a bug.

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