Failed to call API on node

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I’m new to Graylog and I’m trying to install it on AWS ECS as a container. After all containers (Graylog, elasticsearch, mongo) are started, I’m able to log in and navigate through the UI. But when I’m checking logs, I can see there is a Warning:

WARN : - Failed to call API on node , cause: timeout (duration: 5002 ms)

I have all 3 containers at 1 EC2 node, I did curl and telnet to ES:9200 and mongo:27017 and I can access those from the Graylog container.
Also, I noticed that when I’m starting new input, in logs I can see

org.graylog2.inputs.InputStateListener - Input [Syslog UDP/syslog-udp/65fae7d54f9bf649a858ee3f] is now STARTING
org.graylog2.inputs.InputStateListener - Input [Syslog UDP/syslog-udp/65fae7d54f9bf649a858ee3f] is now RUNNING
but in GUI it is not running.

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I’m using a load-balancer in front of the container, can it be the issue that my load-balancer is https but in graylog I’m not using https?

I think your graylog cannot reach itself, the publish uri should be the internal address that other nodes or even itself can reach this node at, so most likely the local lan ip of that node and not the internet routable url, thats what external uri is for.

Thanks, Joel for your reply. I changed my publish_uri to http://graylog:9000/ but unfortunately, I still see the problem. But the duration has decreased drastically :slight_smile: - Failed to call API on node , cause: graylog (duration: 1 ms)

Is there anything else I can change?

Using that same url that you put in the conf can you run a curl command to the graylog api from the cli on that node and get a response?

Thanks for the reply, Joel.

I did some manipulations and now I don’t see this warning anymore in Graylog —many thanks for clarifying it for me.

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