Failed permanently to execute notification, giving up

I am trying to figure out why graylog 3.1 only sends me Alerts like once a day. I get every Alert, even with the right timestamp, but I do get them all at once and not when the Alerts fired. Also I get an Error message in the graylog “server.log” file.

I tried Filters with and without Aggrigation, diffrent search querrys and diffrent search durations. Any suggestions or help woud be greatly appriciated.

Thanks in advance.

Please let me know if additional information is needed.

the error looks like you use the http notification and the response from the API you fire against is not sending a 200 response but a 429

I only send like 10 messages/hour and only 1 or 2 messages shuold trigger the Alert.
Do you know any possibilities, why this is occurring other than my PC has not enough power to run graylog properly.

I do not get what you would like to say with your message.

I would like to know, if you have any idea what reasons it can have, that i get a response, which tells me I have too many requests, when I only have an Input of about 10 messages per hour (for test reasons) and only 2 messages in the stream where the Alert is looking for a match with the search querry.

sry for the bad english

as the response is from a 3rd party - I can’t answer why they send you the response they had send.

Ok, but still thank you for helping

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