Failed fill IP address in bind address


I want to send log massage to graylog server from my device, i put ip address in bind address the device failed, im use snmp udp, attached, if i put ip address in bind address running, need for help for this case. im used graylog 2.4.3

What’s in the logs of your Graylog node?

@jochen this log files graylog, can you help me for this case

that is not your logfile - that is just a picture of some lines from the logfile. Please provide the complete logfiles. Without that nobody will be able to help you.

in addition to your initial question. Is the IP you try to bind your input to available on the Graylog server?

Hi Jochen

attached log graylog,yes IP graylog server have input on my device and i put IP device in bind address



See what @jan wrote:

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