Extractor doesn't appears in field

Hi, I created a few Grok pattern extractors for Zyxel log entries.
Input is Standart Suslog input
Source string is:

<141>May 23 07:33:48 zywall-110 CEF:0|ZyXEL|ZyWALL 110|4.20(AAAA.2)|0|Access Control|5|src= dst= spt=49536 dpt=443 msg=priority:36, from LAN1 to ANY, TCP, service others, ACCEPT proto=6 app=others

I need to extract values, for example:

src=%{IPV4:Source Address}
dst=%{IPV4:Destination Address}

And it obviously works, output is:

Extractor preview

Destination Address

But doesn’t appears as fields in Search

What I do wrong?

And another Question: Does Graylog support multiple inputs on the same Network port?

writing a grok pattern or any normalization with only a single message is nearly impossible. But I would do first a Key-Value extraction on the message or better, just use the CEF input - as this is a CEF message …

But not sure if all of your messages are CEF from that device.

For the second question: No You can only have one Input on the same Network and Port. Should you need different extractors or normalizations on messages coming in on the same input, I would advice to use the processing pipeline rules as they are more flexible on that.

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