Extend architecture

i have multi nodes architecture in 1 datacenter, but i have multisites and lot of vlans.
i have a weak network and firewalls, that’s why i can’t create rules.
i tried to create GL relay on VLAN (DMZ for example) and finished with 50 Relay collecting logs and sending it to the GL. i’m searching for better solution especially wana extend the log collection.

logs nxlogs

your picture is just a scribble.

if you really want some help you should describe what you have, where you want to go to and what your problems are.

without that I can say nothing that will help you.

i have on graylog server, but the problem is with my firewalls that can’t be managed neither creating rules. that’s y i had to create relays GL in every VLAN, which costing me lot.

make use of a proxy for the messages?

these Relay used to be a proxy in each vlan.

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