Export to CSV failed - needs authorization?

Just upgraded from 4.0.7 to 4.1.0. Now I can’t export CSV from search results:


Did you check if Graylog has access on you server. Sometimes when I upgrade I have to execute something like this

chown graylog:graylog -R /etc/graylog

Does the user executing CSV download have permissions?

chown graylog:graylog -R /etc/graylog

Hmm, let me try that.

Yes, I have permissions, I have the admin role.

That did not work, unfortunately. (unless this needs a service restart?)

Band-aid fix found???


Tried exporting a CSV on Firefox and this prompt came up. Clicked OK and the download went through.

Chrome, however, won’t go through with the export.

You dont have anything in the way like firewall or selinux?

Hi, the reason for the prompt and changed behaviour is this PR fixing the export for huge file sizes:

Thank you! I’ve never applied fixes like this before - how do I merge this with my current Graylog instance?

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