Export graylog logs into CSV format

We are running Graylog 2.4.7 on Ubuntu platform. We have collected logs but how do you export into CSV file? I do not see any option to do so.

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While looking a a search you will find it here - is that what you are looking for?


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Ours does not have the three dots at top.

What is the Role associated with the account you are logged in as? are you running under the free (less than 2GB) Enterprise License? I don’t think the licensing affects it but just checking. With Admin Role it should be there…

We are logged in with admin account but it is freeware version.

Hello, Just chiming in, I noticed you running an old version of Graylog,
CSV downloads are located here.

For further information on that version you can look here

Or Here

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Good catch! - I guess I was having a moment of dyslexia.

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