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I am collecting logs from multiple sources. Now one of my applications is the owner asking for the logs for specific time periods with all fields in CSV file. I am able to export the logs but every time I have to select 40-50 fields in fields to export so my query is "Is there any way to select all fields and export?
Graylog Version 5.0


It looks like there is now way to do this.

However, it does look like when the export modal popup is shown it includes all the fields from the table. My recommendation is to have a couple of tables saved on a dashboard with all the applicable fields. While you would still need to add the fields to the table, the field section could be saved and you can re-export again without having to add all the fields.

Feel free to submit a feature req via GitHub - Graylog2/graylog2-server: Free and open log management . The devs actively review issues and may end up implementing.

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