Event_id field of Graylog

I was searching the field for “event id” of Graylog and I didn’t found. Do you help me to search the field of event id?? I need this for search or create stream, alerts pipeline…

My query is about this event id:


Thanks a lot

That is the unique ID for a single message, every message has it’s own unique ID so there’s no generic ID that describes events.

Yes but i’ve checked this ID and is same for all events (is same if the event contains same data).

May I use this “unique ID” like in Qradar is QID?

I would use for search , Stream, etc.

Thanks you for reply!

Have you tried to escape the ‘-’ characters?

Sorry macko003 but i don’t know that…I don’t understand you reply…I want to search by ID, if its is possible, can be like example the QID of Qradar…is it real in Graylog?


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