Error " has invalid "short_message" " after upgrading Graylog 2.2.3 to 2.4.6

Hi guys,
So I recently upgraded my Graylog in prod, but the thing is I keep getting these error entries

2018-08-20 19:40:47,248
ERROR: org.graylog2.shared.buffers.processors.DecodingProcessor - Error processing message RawMessage ( … ) java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: GELF message (…) has invalid “short_message”

I’m using Logstash to output my messages via Gelf.
Could you please help ?
Thanks ~

Ps: I saw on this post that these kind of errors where silently dropped by previous Graylog versions, does that mean they have always existed and have up until recently been showing in my GL’s logs ?

you are right with your PS - check your forwarder/logstash and the messages that it generates.

Update: Yep you were right, it was mostly due to Logstash and its parsing. Thanks :slight_smile:

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