Email alerts delayed and only coming at same time each hour

I upgraded to 3.1 and now all email alerts are delayed, it looks like a couple of days at least, and then randomly, and only at 20 minutes after the hour, do I receive the email alerts. The timestamps on them are from when I was testing a few days ago, triggering events that should generate an email but nothing was coming. I kind of gave up on it and then randomly the next day I got a whole bunch of emails from the day before. I’ve checked the server log and don’t see anything smtp related, and our email server (Office 365) is not holding on to them causing this delay. I’ve deleted the “leagacy” alert and notifications and created all new ones also.Pretty much at a loss here. Alerts are useless if they don’t come for a day…or three.

edit:it looks like the event timestamps are being overwritten. In the emails, the timestamps are all at 20 minutes after the hour, but not the same hour or even day that I receive the alert. For example, I received this email today (September 5th) at 7:20AM US Eastern time. Note the date is September 2nd and the time is 22:20 UTC (not 7:20AM US Eastern time).

Timestamp: 2019-09-02T22:20:03.755Z
Message: XXXXXXX
Timestamp Processing: 2019-09-02T22:20:03.755Z

Also curious to me is that they don’t come every hour. Today so far I’ve received three emails at each time; 7:20am, 5:20am, 1:20am, 12:20am. It goes back like that for a few days, with the hour gaps in between email batches being anywhere from 1 to 4 hours.

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