Elasticsearch oss 7.10.2 EOL

I have a 3-node CentOS7 cluster that was running ES 6. I updated to ES 7.10.2 and I am seeing security findings in Tenable for the out-of-date version of Java installed with ES. Trying to update I see that ES 7.10.2 is no longer being supported, but I see from Graylog that 7.11 isn’t supported.

What is the migration path that I need to take to keep my system up to date? I assume, but haven’t tested, that I can point $ES_JAVA_HOME to another OpenJDK installation but I want to make sure that we have a plan to migrate if Graylog isn’t going to support ES 7.11+


Graylog will be using Opensearch going forward due to licensing and structural changes. More information here:

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