Drop message from Pipeline not working


Am trying to drop a message from a pipeline. According to pipline simulator the message is being caught and should be dropped. However, I still see the message in my search results and see that it is being indexed. Message I want to drop contains text :
“Client 00:17:23:a4:0b:73 may be using an incorrect PSK”

My rule is:

rule “remove WLC Client PSK Spam”
has_field (“message”) &&
contains(to_string($message.message), “Client 00:17:23:a4:0b:73 may be using an incorrect PSK”)

Here is the simulation Screenshot:

Pipline processing is enabled on my graylog server. Any thing else I should check?

Also, the input that this message comes in on is a udp syslog input. However, in the simulator if I choose the syslog codec, I cannot get a message to load. Not sure if that is part of my problem. What would the correct syntax be in the raw message field of the simulator for a syslog message?

I’ve tried your example and everything worked as expected.

If I were you, I would check:

  1. Check that message field certainly contains string you try to search
  2. Check that you use correct stream in Pipeline connection (that contains message you search):
  3. Pipeline simulator requires full syslog message not only message if you choose syslog message codec, so please add complete syslog message like: <PRI>syslog message
    <165>*Jun 05 14:45:26.511: %DOT1X-3-PSK_CONFIG_ERR: 1x_ptsm.c:516 Client 00:1c:bf:c6:09:a8 may be using an incorrect PSK


You should check your messaging processing configuration as well…

You will most likely want your ‘pipeline processing’ to come after the ‘message filter chain’ in the message processing config.

Yup, changed the order and all works. it appears that before I could evaulate the message field properly, I had to process it first with message filter chain. Is there any downside to ordering my processing with filters before piplines? I am assuming that the default of Pipeline before filter is for a reason?

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