Does modifying field_type_refresh_interval do anything?


I’ve modified the field_type_refresh_interval from the index sets UI on a few index sets and haven’t seen the changes reflected in the index settings or templates. Has this feature been implemented yet?

dear @cameronattard

when you change the settin in the Graylog index sets configuration this will set on the next index rotation for the next index. It will not be set for past indices.

If that was not your question, please clarify what your question is.

Hi @jan,

I am not seeing the index.refresh_interval being set on subsequent indices.

he @cameronattard

what Graylog version are you using? How does the index gets rotated? What Elasticsearch version did you use? Did you notice any errors in Elasticsearch or Graylog server logs?

  1. Graylog 3.1.2
  2. Time-based index set rotation
  3. ES 6.7
  4. No

did you have ES OSS Version or with X-Pack?

We’re using AWS Elasticsearch, which I assume is using “Open Distro for Elasticsearch” under the hood. No X-Pack.

but what is more important - you are not in control of elasticsearch.

I’m not sure, maybe that special distro does not allow to set/use this setting. You might want to ask the support for AWS Elasticsearch.

I have confirmed I am able to manipulate the setting using the ES API.

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