Display images on Graylog

Is there any way to display images in Graylog?
We have a set of machines which send screenshots on crashes and it would be very useful for administrators to be able to view that images in Graylog.

no that is not possible. No binary data.

Thanks @jan! A few follow up questions.

  • We are sending the image to GrayLog as a base64 encoded string. Is it possible to render that string as image using extractors, decorators, dashboard or anything else?
  • Is there a plugin we can develop to render these images converting the base64 encoded string?
  • Lastly, will GrayLog support this in future releases?

Thanks again!

when you encode the image as string you can save that - but no current plugin I’m aware of can decode that and display the image.

You would need to create a plugin that will do this, for example as part of the decorators.

Thank you @jan! A few more questions:

Thanks again for your responses

All our code is public - we do not have other samples than the given one. You might want to check this community for similar questions and already provided help.

If that plugin is compatible with the new Graylog highly depends where you attache it too - what api options you use and many more … that can’t be answered easily.

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