DIsk Space showing 100% used

Currenty we are showing that our Graylog server is at 100% used space. I reduced the number of index to 3 but the space on the server hasn’t been reduced. Is there a way manually recoup the space?

Did you delete any data? Did you checked the logfiles? What kind of Graylog have you running? Virtual Appliance? Installed everything on one host yourself?

if your ES stops, GL can’t delete the indices, so you won’t have free space.
Or your journal also can fill up your disk…
But it depends your config

So as @jan asked, share as many information as you can

I checked the log files and found that disk was completely used up. I currently have the Graylog appliance deployed version 2.4.5. I was able to cleanup some log space and I was temporarily able to log in and reduce the number of indices but it did not free up any space. Is there any way of doing this cleanly?

what have you done exactly and what did you checked how?

Did you reboot the server?

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