Delete indexer failures


How can i delete this information on my graylog ?


Check the logs of your Elasticsearch node and make sure, that all primary shards are active.

To delete these items, you’ll have to drop the “index_failures” collection in the MongoDB database.

i try but it’s doesn’t work.


I’m a beginner on Mongodb so how can i find the name of collection.
I trying with db.getCollectionNames() but i haven’t result

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Please refer to the excellent MongoDB manual for an introduction and some tutorials how to use it:

Ok for me, i successful to delete index failures.
When we connect to mongo, we need to connect to graylog database
command :
show db
use graylog (your database if different)
show collections
db.index_failures.find() (to find messages)
db.index_failures.drop() (to delete messages)

Refresh graylog interface and after, messages of index failures are delete


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