Default sidecar.yml node_name

We’re nearing the end of graylog 2.x to 3.0 migration and come to polishing up the sidecar deployment.
looks like with the default sidecar.yml file, it has node_name: “graylog-server” which is predefined.
How do we define a blank node_name for default deployment?
Manually editing the yml file works but not that scaleable.

We silent install the sidecar with the following:
graylog_sidecar_installer_1.0.0-1.exe /S -SERVERURL=... -APITOKEN=...
i’ve tried -NODENAME parameter on the above. It works but only if it’s not empty.

it almost looks like the sidecar installer doesn’t actually allow an empty node_name yml and if it detects one, automatically fills in ‘graylog-server’ in so it’ll never detect the hostname.

looks like it might be

Unsure how to do this on Windows :frowning: On our *nix machines we use Ansible to template out the configuration file so we always end up with the hostname set properly.

If you don’t define the nodename (comment it out) it will default to the host name.

 # The node name of the sidecar. If this is empty, the sidecar will use the
 # hostname of the host it is running on.
 # Default: ""
 # node_name: "graylog-sidecar"

we have our installer set up to copy in a pre-built yml with node_name commented out but contains the correct server_url and server_api_token. Then it is set as a service and started.

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