Decorated field in aggregation table?

I have decorated field via lookup table, which appears as ErrorCode_Description in All messages pane and this is really nice feature.
Is there any way to use it in aggregation table?
So I have Error field column, count() field column, and I can see which error occurred how many times. And it would be really nice to see description of each error, according to it’s code.
Is it possible? (I don’t need to have it as a real field in the index, only decoration is needed for improving table readability)

Hi @zoulja,

since the aggregation happens in Elastic Search and Elastic Search does not know anything from the decorations, this feature is not really easy to implement. So right now it is not possible to do this.

Best regards,
- Konrad

What abt client-side implementation?
It seems to me client(browser) already has all necessary info and could update column on the fly.
Looks like a basic task for user-script actually

It is very easy to implement if you think about straight. But just like the number formatting it has a lot of edge cases which needs to be thought off.

I know we have it on the list of features we would like to add. Not just right now.

- Konrad

Got it, thanks a lot for letting me know that

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