Date parsing 1st time



i’m trying to implement Graylog for first time.

I create a stream, assign to a node and filter by source without problem.

Now i’m trying to parse my first message.

I have problems with dates. My firewall send me a date in this format:

time="2017-12-15 14:57:49"
startime=“2017-12-15 14:52:48”

The offset is +01:00 ( France ) so it should be the field tz

How can i store correct date in a timestamp field ?

Thank you for your help.

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Unfortunately the timezone specifier in “tz” isn’t anything standard.

So you can either write a rule which converts the timestamp in “time” using a hard-coded timezone (e. g. “Europe/Paris” or “Etc/GMT-1”; see or you create a custom mapping for the possible values in “tz” to a valid timezone ID (see using lookup tables.

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