Dashboard for AWS Cloudtrail

Hello All,

I have created an input for AWS Cloudtrail and I would like to know any dashboard available for AWS Cloudtrail or need to manually create one.

Also I would like change the name showing for the event name to some thing else in the bar chart, example, I have created a widget for AWS security group action and the bar chart showing the event name like AuthorizeSecurityGroupEgress, RevokeSecurityGroupEgress. I need to change those to outbound add and remove outbound in the bar chart widget

Please share your valid throughs

Usually people put shareable dashboards etc. in the Graylog Marketplace - there may be something you can find there. To suggest how to so something in Graylog, you need to tell which version you are using first… it’s only in the newer versions that you can customize column names etc.


Thanks for the quick response .

I am using 4.2.4+b643d2b, codename Noir.

I would like to rename the event_name" [RevokeSecurityGroupEgress] to custom like Deleted Outbound Rule

I don’t think that is currently changeable - which I find frustrating too. I think its a similar feature request posted here - you can always add a comment or request the feature separately…

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