Problems While returning CloudTrail Events

I’m using the Graylog on my Vcenter for centralize the Events from AWS, i know that Graylog has the AWS plugin to collect metrics from CloudWatch and CloudTrail. I’ve configured the CloudTrail plugin but i’m getting some problems that i dont know how to solve. It’s a priority task and i dont have too much time to solve, can anyone help me? I’m getting this erros:

2020-10-15T12:52:32.298Z ERROR [CloudTrailSubscriber] Could not read messages from SQS. This is most likely a misconfiguration of the plugin. Going into sleep loop and retrying.
com.amazonaws.SdkClientException: Unable to execute HTTP request:

Another problem is that the events that i received on my graylog are looking like(Get and Put to S3 nothing different):

I’ve configured the AWS plugin in the “System -> Configurations”.

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