Create Stream using REST API

I’m using v2.2.3 and I want to create Stream using ReST API (using demo on api/api-browser GraylogURL).
Currently I have a problem with it about the optional attribute index_set_id.
Looking the Streams : Manage streams, I’m using the POST service with this json

“title”: “My Test Stream”,
“description”: “My desc”,
“rules”: [
“field”: “tags”,
“description”: “”,
“type”: 1,
“inverted”: false,
“value”: “test”
“content_pack”: null,
“matching_type”: “AND”,
“remove_matches_from_default_stream”: “false”

With this code I have a 400 error code with this details:

“type”: “ApiError”,
“message”: “Can not construct instance of, problem: Null indexSetId\n at [Source: org.glassfish.jersey.message.internal.ReaderInterceptorExecutor$UnCloseableInputStream@32d92490; line: 17, column: 1]”

I have the same result if I use index_set_id with null or embpy value string ("").

So it seems that index_set_id is mandatory also because if I set it (coping it from all messages Stream), the POST works fine, and the Stream is created.

Can somebody help me to understand this situation? where I’m wrong?

The index_set_id is mandatory. Every stream has to have a reference to the index set which is backing it.

Why do you think it’s optional?

Hi @jochen
I’m using the api-browser tests on Graylog.

In the Stream Management, for PORT action, the model says:

urn:jsonschema:org:graylog2:rest:resources:streams:requests:CreateStreamRequest {
title (string, optional),
description (string, optional),
rules (array[object], optional),
content_pack (string, optional),
matching_type (string, optional) = [‘AND’ or ‘OR’],
remove_matches_from_default_stream (boolean, optional),
index_set_id (string, optional)

For this reason I believe so.
So how I can get the default index_set_id?

Thanks a lot

Interesting, the documentation browser (Swagger UI) seems to have a problem with the “optional” attribute.
As you can see in CreateStreamRequest, many of the attributes are in fact not optional.

You can get a list of index sets from the /system/indices/index_sets resource of the Graylog REST API.

Hi @jochen
Thanks a lot.

Hi @jochen
If I have more the one index_set, how can I filter the results?

How I can approach the GET using filter?

What kind of filter do you mean?

I’d like to get the index_set_id using index_prefix.

I mean, I’d like to have the id from the index_sets list where the index_prefix = graylog

“index_sets”: [
“id”: “592d4cd24220b60688aca1ff”,
“title”: “Default index set”,
“description”: “The Graylog default index set”,
“index_prefix”: “graylog”,
“shards”: 4,
“replicas”: 0,


That’s not possible. You’ll have to filter the list yourself after retrieving it.

thanks a lot again :slight_smile:

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