Create new field with data type set to "geo_point"


I am having trouble finding out if its possible to set the data type to “geo_point”, I have looked through all the “to_” functions and see no signs of the “geo_point” data type.

If there isnt a usable function that allows this, it there any documentation on how to modify/create new functions that would allow this?

Why do i need this?
I love Graylogs ease of use when it comes to log collections but the dashboards are just terrible. Anyone who has used Grafana or Kibana will know exactly what I mean. It is severly limiting when it comes to customizability, data representation and general looks. As a sysadmin I dont mind the logs being a bit messy but when it comes to sharing it with the dev or test teams, its not really up to standard with our other monitoring systems. Therefore I opted to hook up a external Kibana dashboard to the inbuilt elasticsearch API that graylog uses. Kibana is working great for this but it has one problem with the Map function as a specific data type in the elasticsearch index is required for it to function which Graylog does not provide by default.

Graylog has some rudimentary instructions for creating custom index mappings in Elasticsearch. The Docs are here.. There are lots of community questions on doing it too that go into more detail, including some I wrote/answered. I think that will get you going… Feel free to ask for more detail if you need it. The short story is you are working in Elasticsearch, telling it that when you see <field(s)> from make sure <field(s)> are of .

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