Count number of rows when searching and aggregrate


I have a simple aggregated data table which search for specific messages containing a piece of text and group this by a specific field. This gives the wanted result, however, I also want to display the number of rows this returned. How can I display this?
I’ve tried to select the metric “count” however this does not do a count over the number of rows, but a count for each group.

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Are you referring to something like this?

Yes, but I want to count the number of sources from that response and display this on the dashboard

I can’t imagine this is a weird request right? I just want to have the number of unique sources. Thus, I search on my specifics messages (which can return multiple rows for each source) and want to group by the source. Then I want to count the number of unique sources and display that on the dashboard.

Isn’t there a way to just write custom queries?


Your all good , but I’m not sure how you setup your environment so I can give you an exact answer to your question.
What I can give you is some examples. Here is my dashboard for the following.

  1. Message count per day
  2. Number of sources
  3. Message count over time
  4. Source /w per message count per day


If your referring to to total number of sources within your environment, then these are the settings.

FYI, to achieve this the field called “source” is counted, if you have another fields with sources in it you may need to create another Widget.

Hope that helps

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Thanks a lot. I didn’t know about the cardinality function. This is indeed what I was looking for!

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