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I have the error message: loading field information failed with status : Cannot GET htp://ip:9000/api/system/fields(500) . thank you for helping me. I looked on the forums but the impossible to find my error; configuration files are OK
Elasticsearch running
MongoDB running
Graylog-server running

server.conf :
Rest_listen_uri : http://ip:9000/api/
Web_listen_uri : http://ip:9000/

elasticsearch.yml : : graylog

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dear ku

i’m sorry but with the lack of information I would just say - their is something wrong in the communication between Graylog and Elasticsearch.

Please provide:

  • Graylog Configuration
  • Elasticsearch Configuration
  • Graylog Logfiles
  • Elasticsearch Logfiles
  • action you have done
  • complete error message
  • Version of Graylog
  • Version of Elasticsearch

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Graylog v2.4.3
ElasticSearch v5.6
Graylog Configuration :


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Elasticsearch :

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Error message :

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Graylog Logfiles :

Elasticsearch Logfiles : no logs

Action : i just install graylog with documentation in graylog website. :

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hej ku,

you would have made all persons live easier that want to help you if you would have just copy&paste the files as code blocks into the forum - just to have it said.

The last picture shows me that you did not have any Elasticsearch host configured - so Graylog is using the default ( if that does not match your setup, you do not have any Elasticsearch running so Graylog is not able to store and display any messages.

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