Contacting Sales to Purchase Support

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We’ve been running a small Graylog installation to give things a try and have been impressed so far. I’ve tried to get in touch with sales a few times now and haven’t heard anything back. I know some Graylog staff are part of those reviewing the forums so I thought I’d try dropping a line to see if there’s someone else I should be trying to contact. Part of our audit process is having support for certain key software and logging is one of them.

Thanks Much!

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he @RJSandia

could you please let me know what contact method you have used? The team usually is responding to any request that comes in via

If you do not have luck with that, please let me know in a private message when you get in contact and what your contact data are.


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Thanks for the response! Not sure what was going on but I got an extremely prompt response this time. Something was getting lost along the way. Glad to see everything is moving along. Thanks again!

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