Contact for Graylog Security POC and pricing

1. Describe your incident:

I am working at Tisséo Voyageurs, public transportation company that operates and maintain subway, bus and trolley in Toulouse city, France.

We are using Graylog Open Source since many years as the central cybersecurity tool for log managmenet and alerting and we would like to evaluate Graylog Security (in particular for correlation capacities but also other interesting features like lookup tables…)

Before starting to evaluate Graylog Security, we want to knwo the pricing of the solution.

We posted a message at URL Contact Us but we got no answer…

4. How can the community help?

Could you please give us a contact (email) to get a princing of the solution ?
Ideally, a French contact would be prefered.



Hi @jhonore
I forwarded your request to some people at Graylog, they will have a look and try to contact you. If this does not happen please feel free to write me a PM.


Hi there @jhonore,

Apologies that you have not received any contact from the team.

I’m the Senior Sales Director for EMEA and work alongside our French Partners.

You can email me directly at and we can discuss your project and pricing.



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Hello @taylor

Thanks for your answer
Tisséo Voyageurs’s CISO will contact you soon



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