Threats investigation

(Vijay Ambekar) #1

Hi team,

I am new for the graylog, kindly help us how to find the threats attacks.

(Jan Doberstein) #2

Hej @Vijay

please elaborate on what you like to get and what your current status is.


(Vijay Ambekar) #3

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your reply, We have deployed Graylog in over network. In our Data center I want daily logs to be monitor any affected or any attacks happen to take over. I don’t know how to search logs on the ports bases.

Example : private IP address and port number 3389,80,443.

Please help me its very critical issue in data center.

Vijay Kumar
Network Engineer.

(Jan Doberstein) #4

Hej @Vijay

how and what kind of logs did you ingest to Graylog?

Did you read in our graylog blog on the different topics?