Consultant needed Germany NRW


We are a hospital in NRW/Germany in need of a consultant to achieve the following tasks with graylog:

  • Filtering OS Logs for Linux/OES and Windows Servers
  • Building up a monitoring/alerting for an OracleRAC-Cluster
  • Building up a monitoring/alerting for VMWare 6.5
  • in conjunction with Icinga/otrs (what ever this can mean)

Our goal would be to improve our monitoring, which at the moment just does not analyse the systemlogs.
And we would like to do this at once with our new ORC.

It will be possible to do this remote, but a in-house appointment for the first getting in touch would be preferred.

And, no, we do not have the budget for enterprise support.

So I you think you might be able to help us, just contact me.

There are currently two companies in Germany (officially) providing professional support services for Graylog:

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