Consultant needed


We, company with 5 departments using >500 servers, monitoring with Icinga, liking to use linux have build up a graylog-server, collecting our syslogs SLES,OES,CentOS,Debian,Win2008r2/win21012/win2016 with eDirectory and AD.


  1. Best idea to filter in Streams ?

  2. How to install alert in icinga based on this Streams (or other triggers)?

  3. Creating (Template) of a dashboard that makes sense.

Anyone willing to share infos / templates of how to do that. I would like to avoid RTFM because of time problems. Don`t get me wrong, i am not afraid of putting in some time, i just would like to skip the whole “trail and error”.

hej @bjoern

did you think of getting graylog enterprise and/or get in contact with Graylog about professional services?


No budget, or at least far to low budget.

Just my $0.02, but I doubt that any consultant will work for free on that.