Connection refused mongodb


Hi, everything worked great. After the emergency reboot of the system such a message :frowning: restarted already grayloga, elasticsearch, mongodb did not help



check that the mongodb has started.

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I like how even your screenshot asks for help :slight_smile:

Now, as @jtkarvo points out, you’ll need to check that MongoDB has started and that the port is accessible. So check with ps, netstat and netcat whether the things are up and running.


My friends made it easier, I restored the backup from yesterday. I have a new date problem. :frowning:
Admin has a bad time


It is the standard time. You can change your timezone from the user profile.


From the web gui level I can not do this :frowning: where will the configuration file be?

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the user admin is the only special case - you need to change root_timezone in the server.conf


There default is UTC what to replace for Warsaw time? instead of UTC enter +01: 00?


Please check @jan’s link.
All answer in the link.


Works thank you !!!

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